UHV 全金属阀门


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UHV 全金属阀门

Our UHV all metal angle valves are the reliable solution for all applications in ultra-high vacuum. The innovative design and rotatable CF flanges allow a convenient handling and an easy installation.

The reliability of the valve is achieved by the use of optimal sealing materials. The silver-coated sealing with its very long service life is maintenance-free at more than 1000 cycles. A mechanical stop prevents the valve from too much torque that might cause damages to the sealing. Also the mechanical stop indicates when the valve is fully closed. For operating the valve a plastic hand wheel and a metal T-handle are available. The advantage of the T-handle is that it suited for heating processes and does not need to be removed.

Advantages to the User

  • Very reliable sealing
  • Maintenance-free for over 1000 cycles
  • Very easy to use, mechanical stop prevents from over torque
  • T-handle available for bake out processes
  • Coated spindle, no lubrication necessary
  • Very high lifetime due to the coated metal sealing


Technical Data
UHV-All-Metal Right-Angle Valves - with Rotatable Flanges on Both Sides
DN CF 16 40 63
Connection flange, rotatable DN 16 CF-R 40 CF-R 63 CF-R
Leak rate: body, valve seat mbar x l/s < 1 x 10-10
Differential pressure on the plate in either direction bar 2
Differential pressure at opening bar 1
Closing force   closing to a mechanical stop
Turns per stroke   6 11 9
Valve position indication   visual (mechanical)
Service life cycles 1,000
Conductance for molecular flow l/s 5 50 105
Pressure, absolute


1 x 10-11
Mounting orientation   any
Bake out temperature °C ≤ 300
Max. heating and cooling rate °C/h ≤ 60
Bellows Material Stainless steel 1.4404
Valve disk Material Stainless steel 1.4404, 1.4435
Valve disk seal Material Metal
Weight kg 0.4 1.9 5.9


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