压缩机 COOLPAK 6000 H

压缩机 COOLPAK 6000 H

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压缩机 COOLPAK 6000 H

Compressor Units for Pneumatically Driven Cold Heads and Pumps, Water Cooling COOLPAK 6000 H

Used to drive cold heads with pneumatically driven displacer pistons, i.e. for individual operation of the COOLPOWER cold heads 140 T and 5/100, but also older cold heads such as the RGS 120, RGD 580 and 1245, as well as the multiplexing of COOLPOWER cold heads 50 and 7/25.
In addition, these compressors are used to operate COOLVAC cryo pumps with integrated cold heads of these types.

Advantages to the User
■ Highly effective and even more powerful when connected with Leybold cryo pumps and refrigerators
■ Excellent long-term reliability owing to the modular design and the long life components
■ Silent and low vibration operation through scroll compressors
■ Simple installation and operation
■ Global power supply compatibility
■ Easy integration in complex systems due to 24 V DC or RS 232 C interfaces
■ Almost maintenance-free
■ Small footprint
■ Low cost of ownership


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